Jennifer Clymer in Studio

Notemagic Music Studios is currently located in Harrisburg, PA but growing up in Queens, NY, Jennifer Clymer always had a desire to share music. Music is a common language that we all speak; a way to express oneself without words. As a young girl, she began taking piano lessons even while her friends were opting for soccer, basketball, or even karate. The flute followed and soon music was her driving force!

Jennifer’s middle school and high school were both chosen because they put so much focus on music education and the arts. It was in high school that Jennifer knew that she wanted to be a music teacher. While still in high school, Jennifer started to take some of her friends on as piano students and started realizing that she loved passing her passion for music on to other people!


Jennifer attended from the Aaron Copland School of Music, CUNY in Flushing, NY. She performed with the wind ensemble there, took intensive theory and sight-reading classes, and learned how to play and teach many the different types of instruments and voice.

After graduating and moving out to Mechanicsburg, PA, Jennifer decided to take her music education to a different group of people. With music education being the first to go in schools, she took the initiative to open up her own, one-on-one music school so that children of all ages could discover the joys of music!

For over 15 years, Jennifer has seen students grow into true musicians. She has seen children develop more self-control, find more self-discipline, and excel into adulthood. Every students lessons are planned specifically around them personally and Jennifer makes sure that each child receives a well-rounded education.

Music lessons do not need to be stuffy, expensive, and uncaring; Jennifer is the music teacher that goes beyond!